Friday, August 08, 2008

Point Reyes Photo Shoot

Point Reyes Seashore

I bundled up all my gear, old and new, and took it hiking. It was foggy, breezy and quite cool at the beginning, but after a few minutes of hiking in sand with a 10 pound backpack plus my 6 pound camera and zoom lens around my neck, and my tripod -- well you can imagine how fast I warmed up. Since the light was diffused it was good conditions for macro wildflowers and seed pods. They create nice abstract patterns when there's a short focal range. The light wasn't much good for anything else, though.

Had I been to the beach at Abbott's Lagoon before I wouldn't have hauled my tripod with me at all. Since it's in close proximity to McClure's beach, I was hoping for rocks, but there weren't any. After making my way (huff puff) back to the car, I realized how close I was to the Tule Elk preserve, and thought I'd give it a look. The road up there travels along the ridge, and it's desolate as can be. The photo above is of the elk. Can't see them? Me neither! I turned around and headed home about 7:00pm.

By the time I arrived back in Berkeley the sun was out, new fog was rolling in and there was another fabulous sunset.

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