Sunday, August 10, 2008

Napa Time

I've been to Napa Valley twice in two days. The first day I took my Nikon and shot all the "normal" things you'd find in Napa. Grapes, vinyards, terraced hillsides. And me in front of the sign of course. I spent the whole afternoon -- but the light was harsh and even when the sun was low the light still wasn't that great.

Saturday I went again and had a whole different experience. This time I went with a group in a van. It was fun to meet new people. The leader of the group is in the wine business in Napa, and while driving us around gave us some insight on owners and producers in the wine region. Very interesting. We stopped at a couple of wineries but didn't do their full tours - which I may go back for during the week. One of the tours actually included a gondola ride!

We visiting a few art galleries, too, which I found completely inspiring. One was a contemporary glass artist - using glass in entirely new ways. Since I have a background in glass work, I found his studio and workspace completely fascinating. New ideas are bubbling to the surface. I'm remembering the two cases of glass I've saved in my garage for 25 years. Maybe it's now time to get it out.

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