Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Summer Time

Time moves slower in the summer. Days are long, sunshine prevails, and it seems that I accomplish so much more in a day than in winter. I painted six commissioned paintings yesterday, from start to finish. Not small ones, either, they were 12" x 24" photo paintings. They dried overnight and I rolled them up, stuck 'em in a tube and shipped them off to Ohio ten minutes ago. I couldn't do that in the winter. Too cold, paint takes too long to dry.

And today I've been out at the pool in my swimsuit, sanding a cast resin piece in preparation for painting. This one was cast very shallow, because I'm going to mount it on matboard and frame in a shadowbox. It's another image for Verity, located in Texas Clinic. I got that powder all over me, but I just hosed off and jumped in the pool! And it's no problem since I have tile floors in my studio. I've been going in and out regularly since it warmed up.

One problem I have in summer that I don't any other time of year is my watermelon addiction. There's a big juicy one in the fridge calling me right now. It's best to sit outside and eat it so that when that juice runs down your chin you can jump in the pool to clean up.


Annette Bush said...

I believe it is a little tacky to remind us of your glorious projects by the pool! I'm only a little jealous - no! I'm a lot jealous!

BUT somehow over the weekend, we acquired two watermelons. As I cut one, I commented that I was glad we had not given that one to the group home down the street because -- it was too good!

Yep, watermelon tends to change ones usual behavior. Juice running down the chin, indeed!

Walker said...

I'm shameless! Working by the pool indeed! Love that watermelon, though.