Saturday, July 05, 2008

Multi-Tasking Holiday

Happy July 4th! I l0ve this holiday, but historically, it's a day I work. I remember one year back in the '80s when all my friends went to lake, driving past me, honking their horns and waving. I was inside heavy duty overalls with a hood and a safety mask, working on an outdoor etched glass project, temperature in the 100s. Whew!

This year was much better than that. I wore only my swimsuit and an apron while I poured three layers of cast resin for a commission. Nasty work -- smells terrible, and I'm sure it's toxic. But I tempered that with a jump in the pool every few minutes.

And I was determined to be a part of the biggest fireworks display in the Dallas area so I went downtown to Fair Park. After getting directions to where the launching area was located, we headed out with our chairs to get the best seat. Security soon chaperoned us back to a safe area after a huge explosion and blast of color right overhead scared us to death. We still were in the debris area, and I doubt that it was safe, but wow what an experience to hear that boom reverberate off a couple of metal buildings, and the explosive color right over us. woo hoo!

I just got back from my first belly dancing class at the rec center -- much harder than I thought!

This afternoon I'll work a little while on some new digital imagery for a Monday presentation.


Martha Marshall said...

Now if that ain't the most impressive picture of an artist at work I don't know what is.

Walker said...

Hey - Somebody's got to tell the truth about summertime art-making!