Thursday, June 26, 2008

Meeting Deadlines

I have often talked about how deadline-oriented I am. So when I got an email from my client to set an installation date for her project, I accepted the challenge. The framers did a great job on all 30 pcs. Installation was Tuesday and went perfectly. The installers were on time, measured correctly and everything was level. They were fast and efficient, and took the trash out with them. My client is very happy, and that's my main goal, always. I'll have to get back there and take some installation shots.

I have a design meeting tomorrow to discuss a grid painting that I have been working on for awhile. Since it's commissioned I want to make sure to include everything they want and nothing they don't. I always submit digital mockups for this process. Best to get the design approved before the paint goes on. So far I have painted the background only.

Today I am working on another commission for five photo paintings from a new client in Ohio. And yesterday I got a purchase order from a seldom heard from client in Atlanta. Guess the economy is not affecting the hotel market!

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Anonymous said...

wow, i cant belive how busy you are and yes i am only this far.