Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Paint Under My Fingernails

Lest anyone think I've been slacking off the past few days, what you see above is my hand, right now. This is the color I'm painting with, and as you can see, I'm a "hands-on" kind of person.

I have finished up a number of projects and delivered them today: digital printing of photography for Mobile, AL project, a digital painting for a hotel in Fort Worth, printing of photographic room art for a hotel in the Caribbean, three original paintings for that Charlotte project, and one extra painting because I painted it wrong the first time.

The turquoise painting on my wall today will be behind the registration desk at the hotel in the Caribbean. Sigh. With this cold and windy weather just the thought of the islands is so enticing!

I've got another order for room art for that same hotel, and while I'm in my office updating this blog, I think I'll set up the printer to run that print job while I'm painting. We never know how many minutes we have left in this world, and I don't like to waste any of them.

This is the replacement painting I had to do. Not much different than the first one, except the color is much more muted.

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