Friday, January 25, 2008


Stained Glass Kitchen Window, circa 1986

Do we each have a path we are destined to take? I am accumulating more and more evidence of this.

Today I received an email reminder to register for the Southwest Professional Photographer's Association convention being held in Arlington, TX next month. I noticed that the host hotel is the Arlington Sheraton for which I have done all the room art, including suites. And it's all photography!

I snooped around the hotel website to see if any of the photos included my work (nope) and came across a photo of the outside of the hotel. That's when I had the "whoa" moment.

I recognized the hotel as one that I did artwork for back when I was a glass artist in the 80s. I provided etched glass door panels, and booth dividers in one of the restaurants.

So is it my destiny to create artwork for hotels??

When all this happened a couple hours ago I located my old portfolio of glasswork (shabby thing). I have very few photos of installations, sadly. And I couldn't locate any of that hotel, although I'm fairly certain some of the slides were of etched mirror that was installed behind the bar. I did find the photo I posted above, of a kitchen window. The flowers are cyclamen, and I loved that window. Still do, really.

And here's a photo of one of the paintings that I had to redo:

Winding River, 50"w x 41"h, acrylic on canvas

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