Friday, February 01, 2008

Cleaned Up

that blue does not photograph well, especially with the sun shining on it! 60" x 30"

Well I've cleaned up since yesterday -- even had my nails done. I was through with the blue, anyway.

Today I'm painting the curly swirls on that blue background. On Monday I'll take the painting to have a transparency made and scanned, because I intend this image to go in my "giclee" file. Sometimes my clients don't have the budget for original paintings. I use the scans to print my own paintings, and sometimes to montage together for entirely new "paintings" created digitally.

That keeps my printer running while I'm in the studio. I'm giving it a rest today after two days printing round the clock for a room art project in the Caribbean.

Got a new project on my plate today, room art for a hotel in Southern California. My client called and gave me the color palette and design concept. From there I dig through my image inventory of both paintings and photography and submit appropriate things. That actually is quite an investment in time, because I always color tint whatever kind of image it is to fit the project. There's a lot of photoshopping involved. Still so much easier than painting something and hoping somebody likes it! Computers really simplified the commercial art business. I don't have to paint a thing until it's sold.

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