Thursday, January 24, 2008

Boo Hoo!

I got all three paintings back from my Charlotte hotel project. Very vague instructions on how to "fix" them so that the colors work in the room. Two are abstracted landscapes that I think I can salvage, but the largest one is the geometric painting that I was so proud of. Due to the layering of color and line, it can't be "fixed". I have to start over! That's what commission work is like. I truly have been spoiled by having so many commissions run smoothly. This is just balancing the equation. Dammit!

So I'm painting today. At least I have now been provided fabric and wallcovering swatches to guide me. And since I've worked out the geometric formula for the large one, it won't be so hard to paint again. I sure didn't want to, though.

The reason I'm starting over on a new canvas is that I have confidence in the painting I originally produced. I think I can sell it on another project. You can see it on my Jan 15 post.

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