Sunday, November 11, 2007


The worst hangover I ever had was at a birthday party (for me) where I consumed two bottles of red wine. It seemed appropriate at the time, but the next day was a killer. Screaming headache, nausea, sensitivity to light and sound. I've been careful with wine ever since, and that was probably twenty years ago.

But yesterday I woke up with the same symptoms, with no wine. Google tells me it was a migraine. I'd say it was my second, now that I recognize it. Something similar happened a year or so ago. I hope it's not a trend.

It was incapacitating. I couldn't look at my computer screen. I closed the blinds, took ibuprofen. Late in the day, with no relief, I took a leftover pain pill, which made me nauseated even more, and itchy, but thankfully put me to sleep for a few hours.

I woke up in the middle of the night symptom-free and silently said "thank you thank you" to the powers that be. So I'm up early this morning, trying to make up for the time I lost yesterday.

I am doing a photo shoot today in the studio. My client bought a fabulous pair of hand made cowboy boots for me to photograph. So that will be fun!

And I'm working up a proposal for artwork for a new retail store about to open in the Galleria. This will be two really fun and colorful paintings -- in a hurry! The store is opening in two weeks. But it was perfect timing for me since I'm in a lull after such a frenzy of work.

I've been asked to housesit in Santa Fe for Christmas again this year. Don't know if I'll go -- it was just last year that we had four feet of snow there and were stuck for days. On the other hand, I love Santa Fe for the holidays. We'll see.


Bobbi A. Chukran, Author said...


I have severe sensitivities and allergies to the acrylic paints and especially things like gesso and gel mediums that have formaldehyde in them. I hope you're getting good ventilation in your studio, because that can help a lot. And yes, my headaches sound exactly like a REALLY bad red wine hangover.

Be well!

bobbi c.

fleeboy said...

i hate waking up with head pain. the worst i know is when i try to nap to get over it and it still throbs even after that. feels like such a ripoff that we can get like a hangover without drinking.

Walker said...

Hi Bobbi - thanks for the heads up - but I haven't been painting this week at all, I doubt that that's a trigger for me.

Yea, flee - I agree! Not fair!