Monday, November 12, 2007

Catch Up

The headache went away. I remember waking up in the middle of the night without that oppressive squeezing, saying "thank you thank you" out loud into the darkness. I got up early to rejoice in my recovered health.

Then I did a little work. Set up the photo shoot for the very cool cowboy boots delivered to me by my client. Didn't like the light in any area, have set it up again for today.

Worked up a mockup for the store in the Galleria - that's the image, above. There will be two canvases, 36 x 48. I wondered how she found me, and she said "googled local artists, saw your website and didn't look any further". I consider that a compliment on many levels. One, for my website that gave her such confidence, two, for me, since she made a decision based on work I've already done, and three, that she didn't ask prices, just moved ahead with the discussion of the commission.

Did I mention that I have a new blog? Yes. Daily Travel Photos
Only photos, no commentary. As if I needed something else to keep up with!

Going to see my dad next weekend. Thank goodness AA had a fare sale. Prices have gone up so much it's a financial struggle to get down to S. Texas anymore. And an eight hour drive is just too much. Probably too expensive to do that, too, with gas nuzzling $3.00 here in Dallas.


Karen Jacobs said...

Migraines... pay attention to possible triggers. Mine was birth control pills (long time ago!) Got them once a month like clockwork.

New photo blog... Yea!

Yea, too, for all the other good stuff!

Walker said...

don't know what the trigger might be, since I've been in a lull, not doing much of anything. Thanks for the "yea"'s Karen!

Anonymous said...

cool pic-reminds me of my youth