Thursday, November 08, 2007

Judging Others

Normally I would have to say that it's not our place to judge others, tempting though it is. However, yesterday I had an experience that thrilled and excited me. I judged an elementary school art show. I guess submitting was entirely voluntary, because the number of entries varied widely by grades, with second grade having the most. The color, creativity and imagination made me feel like we're leaving the world in good hands with this generation of kids. What a thrill for me to see this work. Luckily I was able to award more than one first place per grade, which means that those entries advance to the next level of the competition. I found out afterward that I chose to promote the artwork of one of the kids who lives across the street from me. No favoritism, I promise!

I got an email yesterday from a retail store opening soon in the Dallas Galleria. They want to commission a large abstract painting for the store. Sounds like fun, so I said yes, and will talk to them more about it today.

I still have not followed up on the contacts I made at the Healthcare Design 2007 conference, will be doing that today.

Trying to plan a trip down south (Texas) to see my dad, it's been over six months since I visited last.

Finalized plans to go to Berkeley after Thanksgiving. My photo friend Nancy will be meeting me there, and we'll haul our cameras into every nook and cranny we can find. Hopefully do some tidepool shooting, if I can find out where to go.

The clinic says they need a few more weeks until installation, so I don't know if it will get installed before or after my trip. But it's done, that's for sure!


andrea said...

As a former elementary school (and high school) teacher I know exactly what you're talking about!!!

Kim Ritner said...

When you get to Berkeley you might try going south down highway one to the Half Moon Bay area. The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Moss Beach is beautiful. Lot's of tidepools. Here's their website

Walker said...

Kim - I should have known to ask you! Thanks!