Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fun Funky Project

Here's the second mockup for the painting for lululemon, a new yoga athletic store in the Dallas Galleria. It seems that all the stores are a bit different, with local managers having the last say on decor. Fun and colorful, both these images have been approved by the store manager. The moment I met her and saw the under-construction interior, I knew what the paintings looked like. Obviously this is not something I would have done on my own. I got it from the vibe of the store, the manifesto (philosophy) of the company, and by the energy of the manager. Deposit is now being processed, and I'll start painting tomorrow. Will be a rush job since she wants them in the store for Black Friday. Have to finish by then anyway, since I'm off to Berkeley on the 24th.

Nancy and I are trying to work in a trip to Yosemite before the housesitting gig actually starts. So today I'm going to do some research beyond mapping the trip -- with just a short time I want to see the most scenic and photographically inspiring areas.

I spent all day yesterday on a photo shoot of boots, only to be told, no, it's not right. Jeez!

Tomorrow I'm going to the local elementary schools PTA meeting where the kids whose art competition I judged will get ribbons awarded. Should be fun!

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