Sunday, September 09, 2007

Full Day's Work

With deadlines looming and a short work week, the studio's smokin' today. Finished the new Glorieta, and the 15 pc abstract commission. And did the laundry!

The hardest part of the graphite drawings above was getting the background color exactly right. I had to match to color samples, and as the light changed from sunny to cloudy, they all looked different. Finally I took an average and let it go before it got dark enough to need the overhead lights, which would have changed it all again.

These paintings are for an upscale residential project, and will each be framed and hung in three rows of five, like I have them laid out on my work table.

The completed Glorieta painting (shown above about four layers before I called it "finished") is hanging up on my studio wall. I'll look at it for awhile before the final varnish.


Mary Richmond said...

just love the top series of drawings....what did you use for the backgrounds? is it paint? very nice....

Walker said...

the backgrounds are painted to match color samples provided by my client. Thanks Mary!