Saturday, September 08, 2007

Technology Curve

Just when I thought I had caught up - me with my pro digital camera, my three pro printers, my new computer, updated software and Photoshop plugins, my lcd TV and digital music system. Just when I thought I was, well, not on the leading edge, but at least keeping up, my artist friend one-upped me. Annette Bush of the flowing silver hair and attention getting hats, Annette of the high heel sandals for sightseeing, of the feathers and felt and family stories for every occasion. Annette bought an iPhone. It's too big to fit in her bra, she says, but has so many cool features she'll find another place for it.

I'll never catch up.

I'm working on another Glorieta painting today. Not quite happy with it - but I'll leave it up on the wall so I can see where it needs tweaking. It won't be framed, so I have a couple weeks before I need it for my show.


fleeboy said...

can't keep up with we scorpios? if it helps i still only have a landphone. with a CORD and everything.
the painting looks promising.

Karen Jacobs said...

Man, I feel your pain! I've been trying to decide if I need a new desktop or new laptop more and should it be a Mac or PC... then she makes a move that tops them all...gutsy! I've had an underlying itch since they first came out, now I'm scratching like the devil, really wanting one!

CMC said...

what about the other thing Apple came up with(forgot what they called it) I-phone without the phone part???

MMComstock said...

I particularly like the titillatingly well placed "she says" in today's blog, Robin. ; )

Now come on, you guys, Karen, Cheryl--you're aching to switch, just do it! (Besides, if you need it, you can get your Windows fix on your new Macs...)

And yeah, I'd like an iPhone too.... one a these days.

Btw, I've already told Robin how I love her Glorieta series and this one'd right there.


Martha Marshall said...

I'm just as happy with everybody else's hand me downs. Young couple across the street got his 'n' her iPhones and are giving us their "old" itty bitty cell phones that are way cooler than the ones we have now.


Annette Bush said...

Oh, Robin. I could never one-up you and the words in my blog today are so-o-o you! BTW, I made the most marvelous discovery -- it fits the bra and nestles snuggly under the strap! Yay!

C'mon, everybody. You'll LOVE it. My first iTunes were Tomorrow from Annie and Nessum Dorma by Pavaroti. 2 year old Lucy can make it work and loves both songs. And just wait until you see the image change from vertical to horizontal just because you change the position of the phone.

Dick Tracy would be so green with envy!

Walker said...

wow! guess Apple knows what it's doing to stir up that much interest in my little blog.