Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Outside the Studio

My plans for yesterday were waylaid by 7 inches of rain. Delivering artwork in such weather just wasn't worth it. So today I'll put my good clothes on (something without paint splatters) and get out to the gallery. I'm delivering the 15 paintings completed on Sunday, and picking up paintings that I will take to the framers for my solo show in a few weeks.

Yesterday I started printing. I didn't think this project through, and now I'm extra glad to have two printers, because both of them are smokin' right now. I'm printing large photographs for hotel guestroom art. The print that's 24 x 24 takes 11 minutes to print, and there's 311 of them. That means 4 3/4 12 hour days. I have to sleep sometime! I tried to print through the night, but both printers ran out of ink and stopped.

I'm working overtime because this is a short work week for me. Taking Debbie to New York City for her 50th birthday for the weekend, leaving Thursday. I've kept it a secret from her but she got so depressed about the 5-0 that I told her on Sunday. She's ecstatic, and I'm glad to do it for her. I've actually had it planned and booked for months. And in order to make it a true vacation I'm not even taking my camera. Only a carry-on and a backpack -- traveling light. Got tickets for three musicals, and will not eat breakfast so we can splurge on big dinners. Booked a hotel in midtown, so it's convenient. It will be nice to visit the City - haven't been since my group of artist friends met up there in February 2005 for the Gates exhibit in Central Park.

I will do some galleries, and already have a list of where I want to visit. And of course I'll go to MOMA. Other than that -- free time! woo hoo!


Karen Jacobs said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBBIE! I didn't get anything like that for my 50th... wha'd I do wrong? Anyway, Fifties are a piece of cake... not to worry, you'll always be young at heart.

Walker said...

Aw heck KJ, I would have taken you if I knew you wanted to go!

Annette Bush said...

We will all miss being there to wish Debbie a Big 50th. I got a hot air balloon ride from my daughters for mine. It was pretty cool, but I think NYC would be fabulous.

fleeboy said...

aww! that is so sweet of you.

Walker said...

well gee, it's a vacation for me, too, so it's not all THAT sweet! R