Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How To Be a Successful Artist

"Negative Space, 1 & 2", acrylic and silver leaf on paper

I get more emails asking "How To Be Successful" than anything else. It's as though there's a well-hidden secret formula that I have discovered and other artists want me to share the secret.

Of course it's not that easy, nothing ever is.

But today I have an example.

If you've read this blog for awhile you know that I have quite a busy schedule. Most people would say that I don't have time to drop what I'm doing and paint two new images for a presentation no matter how important the client. And most people would think that's a crazy waste of time anyway. Obviously I'm not most people.

Yesterday I got a call about another opportunity to get artwork in the Ritz Carlton. I don't have a lot of inventory, and none of the paintings I've completed for Texas Clinic are appropriate for the Ritz. So I re-read the client's specifications, and painted the two images above. It's only 2:45 right now, and I painted them today. They're already signed and photographed, and if I wasn't in the middle of printing out contact sheets of photography for the same project, I'd get in my car and deliver them to my client.

I have no idea if the Ritz will like them, but making the effort was worth every minute it took.

The idea of time is just that - an idea. We limit ourselves by measuring time and coming up short. Instead, I told myself I have plenty of time. What's the worst than can happen, anyway? I don't finish something. If I hadn't finished these paintings in time for the presentation I still end up with two cool new paintings.

Inspiration of the Day: Short Deadline


fleeboy said...

these are beautiful. well worth having made.

Walker said...

thanks flee

Mary Richmond said...

I love your attitude. Successful people don't sit around thinking or talking about success....they just do what needs to be done in the moment.

Martha Marshall said...

Yea for you, Robin! Your success didn't just happen because you're attractive, bubbly, and talented. It's also because of a whole lot of work, business savvy, and customer service that goes above and beyond. First you say "yes," and then you say "what is the question?"

I like that in a person. ;)