Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More New Things

Glorieta TC, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 48

Gloriete TC, detail

Back in the electronics category I had to replace my keyboard and mouse yesterday. See? Once you start upgrading electronics....

I bought one of those ergonomic models, and now I have to learn how to type again, jeeez!

I had forgotten how much I love the Glorieta series of abstract paintings. Spent the whole day in the studio yesterday working on the painting shown above for Texas Clinic. I had such a good time that I stopped and stretched a new canvas so I can paint another one for my solo show in October. I keep forgetting about that show, and that's dangerous since I'm slated for 13 paintings. I'm feeling the pressure, believe me.

I'm getting another opportunity to place paintings, and/or photography at the Ritz. My gallery called yesterday asking for anything I might have in the right color palette for the Spa (which got a big write up in the newspaper recently). I'm submitting today. It's another fast turnaround since the hotel is now opened.

Shaping up to be another busy day.

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