Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Last Minute Travel

Debbie told me I looked exhausted this morning. I looked in the mirror and agreed. No wonder, really, since I've been working a near non-stop frantic pace for awhile.

When my photography buddy Nancy called last night and told me she was flying out to Chicago today I began thinking of all the trips I had cancelled due to deadlines. This morning I searched on, found a Delta fare sale, and just booked a ticket, leaving this afternoon. Tonight I'll be at the fancy Drake hotel, having drinks with Nancy and our friend and fellow artist Dave Becker.

I'm not even cleaning up my studio before I go.

Hopefully some of the paintings and photographs I submitted for the Ritz spa will sell when I'm gone and I'll have a nice paycheck to come home to. Even if I don't, I sure need the break.

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