Friday, July 20, 2007

Back to Basics

In a continuation of my printer saga, it's back to basics for me. Thank goodness I didn't sell my old printer because I am reinstalling it today. My new printer doesn't want to work with my current system. That's okay for now because I've ordered a new computer that will solve all these crazy problems.

I'm painting two new images in the Divisions series today, for Mercury Grill. With this installation I will have 21 paintings in the new space of the restaurant. wow

The Powerflex class at the gym didn't kill me, but I wasn't able to complete it either. I lasted 40 minutes which I thought was pretty good for the first time! And it did give me more energy for the rest of the day.

I'm working through the weekend, starting paintings that my rep on the West Coast ordered a couple weeks ago. I need to get them out of the studio to make room for other things.

When doing research for a new project of printing on metal, I picked up a small piece of brass to experiment on. My plan is to tape it off and coat it with an inkjet receptor chemical, then run it through my printer. That will be one technique. On another part of the same sheet I will use a Lazertran decal. I want to see how the processes compare in quality and ease.

I'm feeling like I should maximize every available moment, since receiving news this morning of the death of an artist friend. It was a heart attack, and she wasn't much older than me. Makes you think.

Inspiration of the Day: Mortality

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Anonymous said...

I am only 32 but I always fear that I am not going to get out all my ideas.