Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No Wire Hangers

Who can read that without thinking of Joan Crawford? Clothes hangers are an important accessory in my studio. I hang paintings so they dry from both sides. A fan setup helps accelerate that process.

I haven't posted the past few days because I've had 12 hour painting days. Finished now, with 18 12" x 24" photo paintings for my West Coast rep. These aren't spa paintings, in fact, I mixed it up a little with this bunch and used architectural photographs. I'll try to get a web page up later today.

This morning I have to make a run for supplies. I ran out of 44" roll paper, and have several print jobs to do in the next two days. That in itself is a challenge now that my desktop computer doesn't recognize ANY printer now. I am using my laptop to print from, and that's not an ideal situation. My new computer should be ready today or tomorrow, I can't wait to get my office back in working order.

Taking off this weekend to meet my nieces and nephew in Pennsylvania where we are spreading my sister's ashes. I haven't been back to PA for so many years, but as a child I spent all my summers there, and the family farm was a place where I was totally and completely happy. I am prepared for everything to be different, and I know that this will be emotional for us all, but I'm so happy to do it. My sister and I always talked about the farm and what a positive influence it was in both our lives. I miss her so much.

Inspiration of the Day: Childhood Innocence

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Martha Marshall said...

What a wonderful thing you all are doing for your sister. I'll be thinking about you.