Thursday, July 19, 2007

Looking for the Muse

With all creative possibilities open to me for the Texas Clinic, I find myself floundering. I am stuck with the art placement. I know where each piece will be installed, that's already been approved, but now I am designing those paintings, and deciding themes, colors, etc. It's an all black and white space so the artwork will be the only color. aaaak!

And during this time, everyday I am getting new purchase orders from my other client. Lots of photography, which I'm having trouble with now because of computer/printer conflicts. aaaak again!

I'm ordering a new computer today. That will help tremendously. The system I have now just can't handle the large files I'm working with, and the two professional printers. It's just not working and my frustration level is high.

I've painted all the skies in the sunset paintings, now I'm working on foregrounds. I didn't realize how hard it would be to be painting out of my head and not with reference photos. Good exercise for me, though. Which brings me back to my problems with the art placement. These three paintings are for Texas Clinic, and although I've pored over the floor plans I can't find a good place to hang them. I think I'll consult a friend to help, I'm a little too close.

Ah well, it will all work out. Speaking of working out, I'm taking a time out to attend a Powerflex class at the gym this morning. Hope it doesn't kill me.

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CMC said...

Somewhere over the past week or so, I read that Microsoft is starting or will start to sell a "home server" for people who have lots to save and across networks. Check it out, it might help with all you images. Although I don't know why I recommend anything MS as they quit accepting my 3 year old Office 2003 and blocked the key after 3 years of not blocking it. I might even consider going to a MAC next and tell them to go take a leap.