Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sharing Books

What I forgot to mention about my technological challenge yesterday was that one of the AT&T installers was an artist! He was so not what you would expect. Big African American who plopped himself down in front of my computer and speed-typed his way around the system. He talked jargon the entire time with his buddy, who was in training. They were making polite small talk and asked me what I did for a living (probably impressed by my 44" printer) and I showed them my studio. Taylor was dutifully impressed and announced that he was trying to teach himself how to paint. During a lull in the installation I led him over to my bookshelf and invited him to pick a book to take home. He chose a detailed book on painting watercolors. Hope he puts it to good use.

Speaking of books, I'm happy to announce that one of my early paintings, "Confession" has been chosen to illustrate a book in the Massachusetts Press catalog. They sent me a stack of copies. Nice to see my work in print like that.

I'm working digitally today. Indeed I've had requests from two different clients for digital imagery -- so I'm polishing my skills in that area.


Annette Bush said...

A painting called 'Confessions" -- should be used on a blog, for sure! Congrats on the publication.

Martha Marshall said...

Congratulations, Robin!!

And that is so cool to have a chance meeting with an artist who happens to be a TV tech! It's not too difficult to imagine which he'd rather be doing.