Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm Not a Techie

I didn't have a hard drive crash, but that's how I felt when switching internet providers. I spent half a day on the phone with ATT (the new provider), the modem manufacturer, and the router manufacturer. The one missing component, of which I was unaware, was that a service team was coming to my house to do the install. A classic case of the right hand not knowing what the left was doing. So I was offline for maybe twelve hours - not bad! Truly I expected worse.

But while I was crawling around on the floor plugging and unplugging cables I noticed a burning smell. Sniffed it out to my 2 terrabyte hard drive system, and immediately unplugged it. Have a new power supply coming via UPS, hope it gets here soon, all my data is locked up in that unit.

So what a day!

While the installers were here head-scratching I got busy in the studio sectioning off the new grid painting I have up on the wall.

Have a two new digital montages to work on tomorrow. They will be printed on canvas and hung at a golf resort. I have to please the designer, who has already placed a second set of them at another club. Got my work cut out for me on this job.

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Annette Bush said...

Haha, When our techie came to install, daughter had to show him how.