Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Workshop Work

Haven't taken one picture of anything I've done here - so nothing to show right now. But I've been really productive. I've got a wall full of paintings that never would have happened at home. That's exciting to me because I am out of my comfort zone. Sometimes my own studio stops me from producing serious work because I'm too comfortable there.

Bob Burridge is a very lighthearted guy - who loves to paint. It shows in his work, and in his workshop.

We have limited wireless access, and right now I'm sitting outside the art center office, in a cold plastic chair with a chill wind tossing the branches of tall cedars. Bright spring flowers sway and spread pollen, grasses dance. We are freezing. Thank goodness I was able to borrow some sweaters and a warm scarf! brrrrrr

And last night, creative fools that we are, Nancy and I took our cameras to Glass Beach. We are experimenting with long exposures, and didn't pack up til well after dark. That made for a very long day. Today it's much too windy (thank goodness) or we'd be back there this evening as the sun filters through the sea spray turning the waves to gold.

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