Monday, April 30, 2007

Back in the Real World

I've spent ten days away from TV, newspapers, clocks, internet (for the most part) and cell phones. Amazing!

Today I'm back in the saddle, firing up my computer, downloading and deleting a million emails, throwing away junk mail, and unpacking two heavy suitcases.

Traveling with both painting and photography supplies is very difficult, even with me shipping supplies to the workshop (and back home again).

I would recommend the Burridge workshop to anyone who has any fear of painting and failing. First of all, there is no such thing a failure in my belief system, but Bob is an advocate of getting some paint on the paper by any means. Really any means! He often paints with his fingers, or a paper towel (preferred brand: Viva). If he doesn't like the result, wipes it off, or paints over it. No fear! Very important lesson for a lot of painters, but not me.

Bob is a very positive guy, and proof that practice makes everyone a better painter. We painted all day every day and I have a lot of work to show for it. Of course it's all in the box I shipped home, and won't be here til late in the week.

I had a important revelation. Although I paint by commission, and admittedly produce more paintings that almost any artist (more than Bob even!), I didn't realize that I am painting with intention. I thought that I painted because I got the criteria from a client (which is true), but I also infuse each painting with a meaning that I acknowledge before the first brushstroke. That was an important lesson for me.

After each day of painting, Nancy and I would take our cameras out to explore the magnificent landscape of the area. Haven't even taken time to examine the shots yet, but based on past experience, out of 500 photos I'll have at least one really good shot. But it takes all 500. Again, I'll be setting up some time to delete delete delete.

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Karen Jacobs said...

Welcome home... you probably gave as much as you got, if I know you! KJ