Monday, April 23, 2007

Being in California

I have a horrible habit of loving everywhere wonderful place I go and then wanting to move there. I'm happily settled in the house we've rented in Mendocino, decorated in over-the-top cowgirl, surprisingly enough. But the big wraparound leather couch and Pendleton blankets make me feel right at home. It's on seven wooded wild acres, with a view of waves crashing on black rocks, and deer wandering through the yard early morning. Couldn't be more perfect. Nancy and I each have our own big beds with silky sheets and comfy covers.

There's no TV and no internet, so I am using the computer at the art center. I have told my clients that I am out of touch (which I feel both good and guilty about) but my cell phone works if they are desperate. Otherwise, it's relief not to check email constantly. If I miss something -- oh well.

Our landlady is also an artist, and she generously showed us around her house, including her studio. What a great place.

The house is actually a little north of Ft Bragg, so we have a ten mile drive to the Art Center everyday. This was the first day with Robert Burridge, and we're both beat, since we had a late night getting ready, then painting all day today. He says lots of people go back in the evenings to paint more, but that's not my choice since the landscape around here is so seductive. Looking at it makes me want to move, but I have to settle for getting the best photos I can of the area. It's spectacular!

The workshop is proving to be exactly what I expected and more. Bob is an inspiring guy, and I could use a little of that, who couldn't?


Karen Jacobs said...

You paint a pretty good verbal picture! Sometimes it's very difficult to feel sorry for you!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! That sounds amazing! Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful description of your environs. Can't wait the hear more about the workshop.

I would be jealous if I wasn't too busy being happy for you & K. C.

Blessings ~ Kaye

Walker said...

Hey - Don't feel sorry for me! Join me next time! It's gorgeous here - and good for you, too. yum