Friday, April 13, 2007

When Paintings Come Back

When I sell commissioned paintings the last thing I do is take photos because I know I won't be seeing them again, since so little of my work is local. Today I'm getting 12 paintings back, the ones from Mercury Grill that had such a short deadline because they wanted them installed for Easter Buffet. The restaurant still isn't opened and the paintings aren't framed. It seems that there's a small problem.

The client wants to deckle the edges and float the images on linen. They discovered that I used two different types of paper and the colors don't match. Apparently they want to leave a white border around each piece, and now they want me to paint the all the edges white so that they match. Amazing.

Since that was not discussed before the paintings were finished, I will be quoting my price to do that, and maybe they will change their mind. The last thing I want to do over the weekend is tape and paint 48 edges.

Digital Painting, 36" x 60"

In other news, when I told my client that I could not do the digital paintings she called me and told me I had to, that I had never, in all these years said "I can't" and that I couldn't say it now because she had promised her client that I could do it. So I did. Design is taken from carpet and fabric in the room. There will be a pair of these. I am delivering the test print this morning for approval.

Now I'm on my way to the gym for a workout I really need.

Inspiration for the day: movement


Bee Skelton said...

This is great! Must admit I too was astonished when you appeared to give up on the digital project. Not like you at all ;-) Knew you could do it :-)) I still look in most days, and continually amazed how much work you produce.

Walker said...

Thanks Bee. It was really hard to say "I can't" - but my client quickly reminded me that "I can"!

CMC said...

ha hah ha.....that's the way to go, Robin...Just do it.