Thursday, April 12, 2007

Going Through the Motions

Poppies and Bluebonnets
It's somehow soothing to work on a series of paintings that I've done so many of. The process is complicated, but familiar. I don't have to stress out over them, but still strive to make each one perfect.

There are 18 paintings in various stages of progress in my studio right now. One is in my printer waiting for me to decide which photo gets printed. Some are 12 x 24, the others are small, only 8 x 16.

Since I have these paintings under control, I took a few hours off yesterday to check the status of the thick bluebonnet fields south of Dallas. Amazing! I think this is the best year ever for wildflowers. And one very kind rancher planted poppies in with the wide swath of bluebonnets at his gate.

Inspiration for the day: symmetry


Anonymous said...

great picture- D

Martha Marshall said...

What an eye you have. Gorgeous picture!

Walker said...

just nature -- all I did was hit the shutter...