Friday, April 13, 2007

Paintings Update

I think I solved the problem of the Mercury Grill paintings - they have decided to frame a different way - but that was not the worst thing about today.

The client does not like the 20 framed Spa paintings! Even though they gave me the imagery and the paint color and I followed their instructions completely. Even though they approved them twice before they were framed. Even though I sanded and glazed them again after the first approval round, just to make them a little happier.

Maybe it's the moulding for the frame (even though they chose it).

My reply was that I followed their direction the first two times, and if they are choosing another direction I will be happy to quote it.

What is this Friday the 13th or something?


Anonymous said...

Good for you that you are going to do the digital painting!

CMC said...

Good gosh.....good reply. What is it with people sometimes?

Martha Marshall said...

Next week will be better! Keep saying that over and over.