Saturday, April 07, 2007

Taken Out of Context

I was raised in the south so I've always had a love for snow. In 2003 it snowed in the mountains of Bulgaria where I was for an artist residency. I've seen snow in all the expected places, Colorado, New York, etc. This past Christmas saw me floundering in 3 feet of the fluffy stuff in Santa Fe, NM. All this in the context of winter, when you expect it.

But when it snows in Dallas Easter weekend after I have planted my spring annuals, it's just too much! I'm not taking any chances with freezing temperatures, I've already seen the snow with my own eyes, and covered my flower beds with nice patterned sheets - I'm sure the neighbors are loving that!


CMC said...

yep...little flakes were drifting down here this morning as well....and 32 expected tonight.

Walker said...

yes - pretty crazy!