Friday, April 06, 2007

Everybody in Texas

Bluebonnet season is the only time some Texans get out their cameras. But everybody in Texas has hundreds of bluebonnet pictures. Popular poses are kids in the flowers. It was a first to see the guys on the motorcycles posing on their rides. But I even saw an elderly lady with a crutch get out of the car and amble over to a rolling blue hill yesterday. There's something about the color that appeals to everyone.

I took way too many pictures but I"m glad I did. I've deleted half of them already. And today is very windy, the weekend weather report sounds horrendous (snow showers in Texas in April?), and it may have been my only chance this year.

I'm working on a very large digital painting. I'm out of my comfort zone, since this is not the way I usually create, so we'll see what happens. And I' guess it's about time I got started on those 24 photo paintings my rep on the west coast ordered.


Anonymous said...

I want this for my project - It's gorgeous. Janet

Walker said...

Yes - it will look good in the bank!