Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sp*m Blogs?

I've been notified by Blogger that my blog has been marked as a sp*m blog. What the heck is that? I now have to "word verify" my own blog. Yes, I notified them that they were wrong, and got a lovely form response that they are sorry. Yea right.

So here it is Easter Sunday. I have uncovered my flower beds so they won't suffocate. They didn't freeze, and I'm glad of that, but I still have the heater on in the house.

And yes, I've been in the studio already. Got another order from my west coast rep - which means I now owe him 31 paintings. Most of them are the small size, 8" x 16". Not too motivated to work on those today. I'm spending some time designing a large digital painting. Not sure at this point whether it will be successful or not. Glad to have the work, though, since I'm soon taking off for Mendocino for a workshop.


CMC said...

weird....I ran a search question on ...shoot, now I don't have the link to it...but there must be some way to get them to re-evaluate this.

Bobbi A. Chukran, Author said...

This happened to me, too. It's really easy to accidentally click the "report this blog" at the top of the page. They need to redesign that. Glad you got it cleared up!

It's still cold down the 40s.

bobbi c.