Saturday, March 03, 2007

Peace and Plenty

view from the balcony
At the end of a productive painting day, I attended a Buddhist prayer ceremony for the spirit of my friend Anne. It was the most peaceful experience, and a satisfying end to a great day. I made new friends, and apparently everyone around here needs a housesitter!

When I drove up the mesa the full moon illuminated the pinon forest, and I could clearly see the mountains in the distance. White puffy clouds moved silently across the sky. I checked the temp before bed, it was 22.

I tried yet another sleeping arrangement for me and the dogs (who have been driving me crazy running in and out of the doggie door all night). I locked them in the bedroom with me, and got a deep night's sleep.

What a surprise to see a sparkling layer of snow covering the landscape this morning! It's still only 28 degrees, at noon.Feedback from my client on my new work is mixed. I disagree a bit, and I'm still painting out this creative surge. I am calling this the "Generations" series.


Karen Jacobs said...

Wow! Is that view from "our" balcony? Geeze, I hope it warms up just a bit... I would appreciate. But look at that blue sky! Fantastic view. KJ

Walker said...

yep, Karen - that's from the house you'll be visiting next week!

Rebecca Crowell said...

Creative surge in Santa Fe--sounds like the best place to have one!

Martha Marshall said...

Robin! I love this!

CMC said...

Too many houses to "sit"....just tell them you know some other people. Hum...or maybe not, I'm allergic to cats if they stay in the house.

So envious of you guys...have a super good time.

Unknown said...

Stop whining...I've been telling you for years how I sleep with the constant flap, flap, flap of the doggie door 3 feet from my face. Nothing like the brisk breeze in the middle of the night from a critter standing half in and half out trying to decide whether to go out or stay in. Prescription medication allows them to come and go and you to sleep.