Friday, March 02, 2007


When we travel we are sometimes looking for a geographic cure. That rarely works, because wherever we go, there we are. We can't leave behind the part of ourselves we are trying to outrun. And that's just one of the profound truisms that have come to me here in the mountains of northern New Mexico!

The sky is so blue, the air so clear that I can almost see the individual snowflakes swirling on the distant peaks. And here in the house, I have paintings spread out all over. It's a new series, something I haven't done before. So new that I expected to spend some time thinking and planning. That's not true, though, I am inspired! I am painting personal symbols, telling a story on each painting. I move from paper to paper, from color to color - random mark-making with wild abandon. There's no right or wrong.

Easy to say now, that I am in a creative frenzy. I hope I stop in time!

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