Sunday, March 04, 2007

Internal and External Stimuli

Generations series, 20 x 30 on paper
The landscape, the light, the local architecture, all these physical things inspire me. Ceremony and conversation inspire me. Yet I am following a path familiar to me. I started a new series full of optimism and delight. I'm four paintings into the series, and slowing down. I am keeping all paintings visible so that I can make changes (additions or subtractions) as the inspiration hits me. Those flashes of artistic insight are slower to arrive now.

The bottom right painting with the three birds is in progress, not finished yet. Actually I'm not sure any of them are finished!

Last night I had dinner with the woman who manages Jane Fonda's horses. Jane's ranch is across the highway from where I am staying. She's here right now -- but she doesn't socialize locally. When it was time to pay for our meal my friend pulled out a one hundred dollar bill. She said she was reluctant to spend it since Jane gave it to her as a Christmas bonus.

Today I am taking the dogs to another friend's property to let them run off some energy. I hope it warms up a little, yesterday it never got above freezing.


Karen Jacobs said...

Man! I hope it warms up too! Looking forward to seeing these paintings in person... not sure I've ever seen your work in person! About time! KJ

Anonymous said...

Wow those paintings are awesome- you really are painting something new and different- I love them D

emily dg said...

Beautiful paintings! I partial to the bird and swirls...lovely! :)