Monday, March 26, 2007

Paper Towel Intensive

The studio is a mess!
I'm getting a workout today. The four paintings above measure 18" x 66" each, on watercolor paper with three coats of gesso. This is a reductive painting process whereby I apply paint then wipe it off. I have abraded the surface with a number of tools, including very rough sandpaper. With the layering of colors it creates a very dynamic surface. I've used oil paint, oil pastels, and archival markers. My arm is tired! I'm on my second roll of paper towels.

I've been in the studio since 5:30 am. First wetting the paper to flatten it, then running it through my printer to print the template, then gessoing. While waiting for those to dry I cut and taped the 20 blue paintings that are coming next. Before those, though, are the eight companions to these. They will be small, but still labor intensive.


emily dg said...

Wow! What an amazing process!

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool stuff! Just wondering what kind of paper you use that runs through your printer? Do you design your piece on the computer?
Love your work!

Walker said...

Thanks Sherry -
I can run just about any kind of paper through my Epson 9600. This is Arches watercolor paper, 140 lb. I cut each piece to size (in this case the paper is 22 x 72). Then voila!

Sometimes I do design on the computer, but mostly not. Robin

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah? Then how come you are too lazy/busy to work out??? Luv ya, miss ya.