Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oil Based Media

"Mercury 1" 18" x 66" on paper

Most of my work is done with acrylics for many reasons. One is toxicity, two is the mess you make has to be cleaned with turpentine or mineral spirits, not just soap and water.

But for these paintings for Mercury Grill I was trying to achieve a specific look that I could not get with acrylics. Thus, not only is my studio a mess but I am, too. Can't tell from the image, but the surface is alive with texture and color. The hardest part has been creating four designs that are similar but different, since they are all hanging in the same room. Then there's 8 more. They will hang in sets of three, a big one in the middle flanked by two small ones.

The project is going slowly, and I have notified my client that I won't make the deadline of April 1, which is Monday. The restaurant wants them installed for the Easter buffet, but they should have ordered sooner.

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Anonymous said...

Looking good! Very sophisticated. It will totally add such a new look to the restaurant - just gorgeous. Where did this inspiration come from?
Tell us. The journey is the interesting part.