Sunday, March 25, 2007

Still Blue

"Lattice Trees 2" 25 x 29 on canvas

I'm still in the blue phase. When clearing out my studio to start the new project for Mercury Grill, under two layers of paintings hanging on my slant wall I found another canvas left over from that project that got cancelled a couple months ago. It was stapled, textured and taped, so what could I do but start a new painting. Began with blue, dribbled and flicked to create a nice background, then went in with a chocolate color at the bottom creating the little window shapes. Took the canvas down and laid it flat to start the chocolate dripping the other way to create tree trunks. At that point it needed a little something else, and added some shaded stripes on the edges to hold it all together. My friend Raya uses that technique a lot, as do several landscape painters in Santa Fe. So why not me? Make it your own as they say on American Idol.

The ticks are out in East Texas. Spent half a day there looking at property. Specifically a lovely 15 acres with a house that was about to split in the middle. It wasn't what I was looking for, too much work for the time I have left in this world, but I'm still in the market. I want a place outside of town, out in the country, with trees, water, an old house and a big barn to work in. Won't stay there all the time, but just enough to get infused with the energy of the earth. Had to pick the ticks off, hope I got them all.

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CMC said...

Although I haven't been out in the ticks........are you looking anywhere around where I live in East Texas?