Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Sister's Vision

My niece was kind enough to send me two boxes after my sister "graduated". I haven't opened them til now, well, one of them anyway. What a pleasure to see two of Chris's paintings, one of them from a photo I sent her, and the other from her own photo when she visited me in Santa Fe a few years ago. When I look at that painting, I see through her eyes, looking from the road up to the mesa over the valley and low hills of the town of Pecos. A precious gift, I hung it immediately in a prominent place where my eyes could constantly find it. An inspiration, for sure.


CMC said...

how wonderful for you to have you sister's painting...and of a place that is special to you.

Karen Jacobs said...

I KNOW that view! What a terrific gift to you from your sister! And how great that she was able to be there with you. KJ

Walker said...

double blessed for sure