Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Meetings and Mockups

My client and I always argue (amicably) when I deliver mockups for a project. She likes to analyze each piece according to some esoteric notions. I am more pragmatic, and paint not for her, but for the designer who's making the decision. Yesterday my client couldn't make the meeting with the designer, so I went instead. I always like to meet directly with designers, it's much easier for me to figure out what they want if we're face to face. This was no exception, although it went much better than I hoped. No changes! Today I should receive the purchase order for 12 new paintings. These are for a local restaurant, very high end. I've never been there, but after the paintings are installed maybe I should go for appetizers and take some installation shots.


Mary Richmond said...

are your new paintings more like the generation series you just did? i really love those paintings.

Walker said...

I love those paintings, too , and have more in the studio, but this is a commission for something completely different!

Anonymous said...

WoW, R, Congrats ! !