Monday, March 19, 2007

Back from the Hill Country

I would feel better about the weekend workshop if I hadn't sat in a hard chair for two lo-o-ong days then spent four hours in the car driving home. It's normally a three hour drive, but construction on the interstate (badly planned), added the extra hour, and about did me in. Yes, I was yelling in the car during that point. My patience was sorely tested, and uh...didn't pass the test. I was low on gas and needed a bathroom, but refused to stop until I was in my own driveway.

Today I feel better, although I won't be sitting in this chair too many more minutes.

The workshop was hosted by Radiant Vista. I knew nothing about them prior to this, and was pleasantly surprised. The weekend was a perfect mix of technical information (camera and software) and creative inspiration. Several times in each day I felt like jumping up and running for the door to get outside and shoot. Yes, it was that inspiring. Since there was so much information crammed into those hours, they thoughtfully provided a very thick manual including step by step instructions on every topic. I think a hands on shooting workshop with these guys would rock.

So I'm back in the studio today, with a painting project. I'm doing mockups for a series of paintings. It's taking some time because I am trying to create a certain look that has so far escaped me. But with my new level of confidence ("say yes to yourself") bolstered by the weekend, I'm sure it'll come to me soon.

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