Monday, March 05, 2007

Day Off

Generations 4, 20 x 30 on paper
I have tweaked all the new paintings, adding bits of this and that. The first four are close to completion, and I have the next two in progress.

Today is beauty day! My friend Raya and I are headed to Ojo Caliente spa. We'll spend hours in the outdoor mineral pools, then top it off with massages and a salt scrub. Yum!

The weather is spring-like today, the fountain still frozen, but has begun the long process of thawing.

1 comment:

Rebecca Crowell said...

I like the new paintings!

Looking forward to hearing about Ojo Caliente--it's a place I've tried to fit into my time when I'm out there but so far it hasn't worked out.

Your stay sounds so perfect so far!