Thursday, March 15, 2007

Infatuation with a Series

It rarely happens that I like my own work so much I miss it when it's gone. So there's no accounting for the fact that I have started four more paintings in the Generations series because I love them and miss them! I packed and sent them off the day they were finished, so I didn't get to live with them long. Which is usually okay, but this time, I want more.

So I've got a good start on the next four. Don't have a buyer, but I think these would be good in a healthcare setting, and I've got a project coming up that might be perfect. Certainly couldn't hurt me to hold some inventory, either. I took almost everything I had to my local gallery yesterday, they were happy to have it.

Tomorrow I'm driving to Austin, not for SXSW but for a weekend photography seminar.

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