Friday, March 16, 2007

Waking Up Working

For some time after my sister died I was overcome with grief and depression. I sought treatment when it became apparent that I could not heal myself. I've been on medication which has served it's purpose and got me through the other side. Part of the side effects of the treatment was sleeping (too much) and marked lethargy, with an accompanying lack of creativity. I know it hasn't showed by what I've said here, but I felt it nonetheless.

Since discontinuing treatment I feel more myself, and have reestablished my pattern of waking up working. This morning my mind is on the four new Generations pieces. I've had to split my time between them and packing, since I'm headed to Austin this afternoon for a weekend photography workshop. It's probably the worst weekend to spend in the capitol, since the nation's largest independent music festival is in full swing and all the hotels have doubled and tripled prices (and they're all full). I lucked out and booked a room at the Hilton through, just this morning.

I'm having to switch to the other part of my brain, the one that photographs. My thought in booking this workshop was that it would get me in the car and out to the area where bluebonnets are prolific. I might be a little early in the season, can't tell til I get there. So once again, I'm packing everything electronic with little regard to clothes. Except I did learn my lesson about hiking in the country with sandals. Don't do it! Besides ants, which you can immediately feel, there are chiggers that don't make themselves known until the next day with huge inflamed, itchy whelps. I'll wear shoes and socks this time.

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