Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Experiment with Compositions

"Lattice Trees 1", 25 x 28 acrylic on canvas
One of the new design elements that I am currently in love with is negative painting to create little "windows". I used it first on one of the Generations paintings, then saw it in a gallery in Santa Fe. I used it in the painting I posted yesterday (Lattice 1). And today I have taken that concept and turned it into a landscape. I'm using "current" colors of light blue and chocolate, to make my clients happy.

I'm on my way to visit a client, and am taking the two new paintings with me to see what kind of feedback I get.

Results of client meeting:
They LOVE the trees above. And in showing the abstract, we discovered that it looks much better with the grid at the top.

So it looks like I'm going in the right direction.


Mary Richmond said...

really, really like these alot....

Annette Bush said...

Funny coincidence, Robin. On our morning walk at the river, I took photos of some trees which could have been the subject of your painting. Daughter kept saying, "The idea is to WALK, Mamma, not stop to take pictures!" We pass them every day, but this time they really caught my eye and I just couldn't resist. I love what you did with them.

Martha Marshall said...

I love the little windows. They play off your recent grids nicely, don't they!

A dear friend was moving away last spring, and eagerly anticipating a new house to decorate. She took me through some model homes she had seen and said "I can't wait till you see this color scheme. It is to die for!!" Guess what it was -- right: light blue and chocolate. Delicious. Hey, maybe she'd like to buy one of yours from this series.