Thursday, March 01, 2007

Being in the Right Place

Years ago I went through an intense personal growth program (LifeSpring). Part of that was learning to be "in service". Like it sounds, it's about serving someone selflessly, to create an extraordinary experience for someone else, leaving your own ego behind.

Right now I feel like I am in service. I cooked all day yesterday, and at 5:00 I packed up the car and took the meal down the mesa to the neighbor's house. Sherm lost his wife a few weeks ago. He is now alone out here in the country. That's the house that has the horses that I housesit for every year at Thanksgiving. It was sad to be in their house, cooking and cleaning, laughing and crying, and no Anne. I divided up the leftovers between Sherm and another neighbor, John, whose wife has been out of town caring for her mom. It's such a good feeling to do things for other people.

Even though I was concerned about being away from my studio for this length of time, I am definitely in the right place at the right time.

Today I am going to town for some painting supplies so I can get to work. The pool table is covered with plywood and that's my work surface.

It's cold. The fountain froze last night. It's only in the 20s this morning. I didn't bring a coat, but Sherm gave me one of Anne's last night. What he didn't know is that this coat is the same one I wore everytime I housesat for him and Anne. It's my favorite of the more than 20 coats hanging in the closet. I wear it and I think of Anne.


Karen Jacobs said...

What goes round, comes round... you have 'family' all over the place! KJ

garyb50 said...

Just WOW