Wednesday, February 21, 2007

People Are Complicated

Housesitting is a tricky business. For me, it's fascinating how people live in their own homes. I have some really funny stories to tell about my experiences, but I always keep them anonymous. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, or betray my friends. But there's humor there, believe me!

I am housesitting again next week in Santa Fe, for my dear friends Charlotte and Shelley, so they can be with Shelley's mom in Baltimore for her upcoming surgery. The diagnosis wasn't good, and I am happy to be able to help them out, since they have always been there for me when I needed them. It's not a good time for me to be going away again, but my heart tells me to.

About the eight canvases that I prepped for painting that are still up on my wall. I was waiting for paint colors, but found out yesterday that the order was canceled by the client. I'm not sure where that leaves me, since I had a purchase order and the go-ahead to start the series. I have two options. One - bill for time and materials expended to date. Two - use the prepped canvases to paint something brand new. In other words, use them as inspiration. I am really more attracted to the second option.

Today I am finishing up two abstracts for Modernart Editions, my publisher. And I'm still unpacking.


Annette Bush said...

Robin, I'm so sorry. The week had seemed like such a wonderful trip. It's funny how often a remark can change a positive experience into a negative one. It would be nice to just erase the bad stuff and fast forward to the yummies.AAB

Martha Marshall said...

Robin, I say do both A and B - bill for the time and materials to date, and then use them for inspiration!!

Anonymous said...

Can I get you to come house sit? My place is a mess.


(damn blogger)

CMC said...

I'm with Martha..........bill for time and materials purchased just for the client who cancelled. Usually they would be paying a non-refundable deposit, wouldn't they.........and then go on and start anew.

Bummer on the house-sitting experience.

CMC said...

oh yeah.......maybe she should read "the secret". I was watching while they talked about it the other, I've been doing something right as that has always been my philosophy.

Walker said...

Thanks to my friends - I have billed for materials and labor for the cancelled job. We'll see what happens. As far as the "bad housesitting" goes, I guess the law of averages caught up with me!