Thursday, February 22, 2007

Publishing Artwork

"Storm 1" for Modernart Editions

I have been lucky, and worked with the same two publishing companies for many years, Modernart Editions and Posters International. I was happy to hear from both of them recently, Modernart wants new images to publish, and PI is interested in originals for their new showroom in Toronto. Happily, I am accomodating each of them.

Also have a client interested in the thousands of landscape photographs I have in inventory. This is also a publishing opportunity, in that I would receive quarterly royalties. Passive income!

Today I started four new canvases, using those that I had prepped for an order that was canceled. Better to be positive and create something new rather than worry about a canceled order.


Anonymous said...

That's what makes you so successful- A Positive Attitude and a Great Solid business mind- anyone else would cry over split milk-

garyb50 said...

Cool ! ! !