Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Comforts of Home

Golden Gate bridge from Baker beach
It's amazing how we all have our patterns and styles of living at home. Back in my own cocoon I appreciate the flat screen TV with HD programming. I hug my dogs and let them lick my face. I roll out of my bed that's unsurpassed for comfort. My computer remembers me!

I'm lucky!

I've winnowed through a big stack of mail, some bills, some advertisements, and in the midst of all that paper, one letter stood out from the rest. It was from the National Museum of Woman in the Arts in Washington DC. I joined the museum when I was there last month, and expected this to be a welcome letter. To my surprise, it was an announcement of a donation made by my dear friend and fellow artist Nancy, in honor of my late sister. It touched me deeply, but more than that, made me aware of a gesture that many of us can make to help our museums. I will make my own donation today.

Sure San Francisco was beautiful and inspiring, but it's here at home where I can put that inspiration to work.

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Anonymous said...

what a great contribution to come home to- I know your sister would be proud to know that her graduation contributed to a great cause close to her heart-